Keep Rising

As We Back to Life

Compositor: Júlio Furlan

I, I have to leave you, leave you all, and I’m sorry
I’m sorry because the world has done it to me
It’s hard when everything that you believe
I mean all that you want to believe
Is impossible to keep it, I’m done, I’m leaving this life today

Dear, I should tell you, it’s not so easy like it seems
Am I wrong? Am I dreaming?
I don’t belong at this reality
I never did no!
And you can’t come with me, I never promised anything
It’s hard to believe, darling
Remember all my words
I’ll never forget your name
I’ll carry your blood in my veins, in my veins
Forgive me now

Keep rising, keep trying
No stop, no time for weakness
Keep rising, keep trying
Trust no one, we’re alone here
Nothing to win, nothing will rest someday

Remember when we were young
And the magic lived in our minds
We believed everyone who said
That God was by the side your bed
Everynight, everynight, they were wrong
Today I know that no one wants to
To take the weight from their own mistakes
No one will listen you, screams
This is the land of the sins
Choose your fate, fight for hope
Do yourself, do it alone

Carry on my friend
It’s time to face your shadows
Many show the greatness
But never learn how to use it

Let’s built a new world
With ashes and tears
Don’t cry yet
Cause this chaos is just begun

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